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Tax Advisory

Taxes made hassle-free

The world of tax is changing at a rapid place. With an increased focus on global operation and transparency in tax matters, a new era has dawned.

The changes in the tax and regulatory environment constantly challenge large and growing businesses, particularly those operating internationally.

Tax and Regulatory


In every business, the tax department has a clear goal—to deliver efficient, credible tax planning, reporting and compliance. Achieving this goal requires that your data, technology, people and processes be properly aligned.

Our tax advisory team is highly skilled in developing tax-planning strategies suitable for dynamic companies, specific business structure and our solution-oriented approach is designed to help clients understand and minimize the tax challenges that businesses face.

Our comprehensive suite of tax and regulatory service includes the following:

Direct Tax services

Indirect Tax services

Transfer Pricing

Tax Health Diagnostics

Litigation Services

Compliance Monitoring & Support



All businesses are subject to taxes, in some form or other. Understanding the regulations and reliefs available is key to remaining compliant with relevant laws.

With proper tax planning and through identifying appropriate opportunities for tax savings, the tax a business bears can be optimized.

Our Income Tax Planning and Compliance team has the breadth of knowledge and depth of experience to assist companies.

Our services include:


    Assisting with your income tax planning and advisory services.

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    Identifying tax incentive opportunities to optimize tax benefits.


    Applying for tax and other related incentives.


    Applying for advance tax rulings.


    Assisting with tax audit reviews.


    Preparing and submitting income tax returns and computations.


    Attending to regulator’s queries and tackle tax issues and disputes.


    Pursuing tax objections and tax position with tax authorities.

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